Do you need to ensure yourself, your home or your company more security? Well-built and brave bodyguards with trained dogs, skillful IT specialists as well as the most modern security technology will help you. With us you don´t have to be worried.
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Detective services
We reveal every infidelity or fraud. We can find your lost car or child. Do you need to convict someone? We will find the evidence for you. In a moment we will find those, who are spying on you. Absolut discreetness is ensured.
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Thanks to the complex scale of services, you can be sure, that not even one of your words will get to the unauthorized ears. We will reveal all interception equipment (bugs) in your car, office or home and we will provide equipment to encrypt your calls.
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Cleaning services
We will provide cleaning services at your home, in your company/office or in a concert hall after a social event. We will fit the time, range and regularity of the services to your needs. When providing cleaning services we pay special attention to the ecological norms and protection of the personal data.
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You can address us with any security or detective job. The long-lasting experience of all the team members secures impeccable work results with a clear emphasis on the protection of sensitive data and information. Our professionalism, discretion and reliability are the best advertisement.


All services are available 24 hours a day, worldwide. You can expect the top quality services, as well as an individual approach secured thanks to DH center! DH Center!

The most desired services are: 


Bodyguarding and security
Eavesdropping and protection against it
IT and personal security
Detective services including surveillance
Cleaning and clearing out of rooms and other permises

For sure we are able to prepare a specific offer which fits your needs or a tailor-made training course.


We obey all the rules of the environmental policy.


We are ISO 14001 : 2004 certificate holder.

All our services are in accordance with the legal system of the Czech Republic.


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