Detective services

Detective services


Proof of infidelity – we will secure maximum discretion, we will gather photo documentation or ensure witness´ testimony 


Real-estate check – we will check appointed subjects, we will ensure expert´s opinions and legal help, we will recommend the right strategy to be used while contacting the real estate owner


Search for persons – we will find your lost family members or childhood love


Search for crime perpetrators – we will arrest any criminal, thief or fraudster


Search for hidden persons – we will find any person, which is (out of any reason) hiding and staying out the usual address


Persons past investigation – we can provide any information about any person, no matter if it´s a seller of a flat or your brand new love  


Search for debtors and their properties – we will find all your debtors, analyze their financial situation and collect all the debts 


Search for lost cars and stolen items – we will find any lost item (of any shape, size etc.), we also offer (as a preventive measure) a special tracing method with GPS 


Collecting evidence (not only for the legal proceedings) – with our detectives and lawyers you have a chance to succeed in any situation (case)


Control of employees during their sick leave - we don´t visit the permanent residence only, we can find out, how is your employee spending the paid sick leave


Use of an agent in the collective – we will infiltrate our agent into collective. The agent will perfectly blend in with the group, and collect the most intimate information and data.

We detect


Bullying – doesn´t your beloved kid want to go to school lately?


Drug abuse – some of your employees or family members of drug abuse?


Unfair business practices of the competitors – do you want to find out, weather your competitor is planning to do something unfair?


Information leakage – somebody around you can´t hold his/her tongue?


Are you being chased or stalkeddo you feel lately, that even walls have ears and eyes?


Our detectives can answer all these and many other questions. Of course absolute discretion is guaranteed!